Freedom for Women Trapped in
Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery

Get involved

Make a donation to MISSION FREEDOM e.V.
Your contribution will help to restore the lives of the victims of human trafficking.

Some ideas how you can help:

  • Organize a sponsorship run or host an event to raise funds and awareness for MISSION FREEDOM or other aid organizations
  • Spread the word by sharing information about human trafficking with your friends and colleagues. Use your creativity!
  • Invite your friends to a movie night and watch a cause-related film.
  • Our suggestions: Nefarious (2013) (available in several languages, 96 minutes), you can request a copy from MISSION FREEDOM e.V.
  • Human Trafficking (2005),
  • The Jammed (2007), Trade (2007), Taken (2008), Lilya 4-Ever (2002)

You can support various projects financially (some examples):


  • Advanced education courses
  • Vocational training opportunities
  • Launching a start-up
  • Office equipment, including computers

Donations in-kind from companies

  • Car / car insurance
  • Baby equipment
  • Flight tickets to the women’s home countries
  • Apartment / furniture
  • Make-over at a hairdresser (for safety reasons)
  • Medication (when required)
  • Funds raised at an auction
  • Coupons for food, personal items etc.
  • Free entrance tickets to a zoo, an amusement park etc.

We also greatly appreciate:

  • any doctor, dentist and/or therapist willing to provide services in case of emergencies
  • donations collected at Christmas parties, birthday parties etc.
  • the opportunity to present our project in your company
  • your willingness to sponsor one of the rescued women for a limited period of time
  • your decision to become a regular donor

Donation receipts are provided for all financial and in-kind donations.
Please make sure to enter your address or, even more conveniently, your e-mail address.

Further ways to help

Your help is also appreciated at our events. The preparations include everything from building the stage, setting the lighting, checking the sound and decorating the stage - an extra pair of hands is always useful!

We are most grateful to you for your help!