What we do


Our association provides education on human trafficking, forced prostitution and ritual abuse.
We pass on our knowledge as part of seminars and training sessions to raise public awareness of the suffering of those women affected and find people who are willing to support us.

Providing insight, bringing perspective

We raise awareness about the injustices inflicted upon children and women in our country and encourage others to also stand up for those affected.

We provide targeted training on topics related to prostitution, exploitation, trauma, and exit strategies. In school classes, we speak preventively about pimping methods.

How Our Awareness Work Began

We started in January 2011 as an organization with little knowledge but rather a huge passion for helping those affected by human trafficking and sexual exploitation.
Within a year, we were being invited to hold seminars on the subject of human trafficking and forced prostitution. Our understanding was basic; however, every woman who came into our care our understanding of the structures of human trafficking became more solid and secure.

We initially began with small groups and short presentations. The groups grew year by year and churches, communities, the police, schools and even universities invited us to speak.

In some years, we gave up to 115 lectures and had up to 8,000 people attend a single lecture. Our work became more well-known, and we received further requests for additional lectures.

What our work looks like today

  • Prevention Work in School Classes: We offer schools near our locations a double lesson on the background of the Loverboy method and the connections between pornography, prostitution, and exploitation.
  • Targeted Lectures, Seminars, and Workshops: These cover the backgrounds of prostitution, exploitation, perpetrator strategies, trauma, and exit strategies.
  • Awareness at Trade Fair Booths: We provide information at large events.
  • Digital Awareness: We engage in digital awareness through social media platforms.
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  • Public Relations Working Group: We are members of the public relations working group of our alliance “Together Against Human Trafficking,” where we contribute to planning and designing campaigns.
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Are you planning an event that you would like us to attend?

We provide seminars and training on various topics and for different target groups such as school classes, students, organisations, specialists and civil society. Feel free to contact us regarding your event.