What we do


We know that the fight against the exploitation of women and children in sex slavery cannot be won alone. Networking and alliances are extremely important and essential for providing successful support.

Our networks and alliances

We are a founding member of the association ‘Gemeinsam gegen Menschenhandel e.V.’, an alliance of organisations within Germany that campaign against human trafficking. Together we are politically active, develop projects and EU-sponsored campaigns, and share knowledge and resources in work groups.

Human trafficking is an international crime and the perpetrators have networks that reach beyond country borders. This is why we are also part of the European Freedom Network. More than 260 organisations from over 40 nations work together to enhance prevention schemes, share knowledge, empower and exchange with one another, tap into new resources and build sustainable support networks for escapees.

We work under the supervision of the Diakonie. We regularly use the seminar services of the Diakonisches Werk (Social Welfare Association) and offer Federal Volunteer placements in partnership with the Diakonie Hamburg and Diakonie Hesse.

We support the acceptance process as a member of the German work group for Christian counselling (ACL). This is an open collaboration of Christian counselling, therapy, spiritual welfare facilities, clinics and initiatives to offer people in difficult situations help via their inpatient programmes.

As part of our support for escapees at the shelters, we are closely networked with other shelters, institutions and counselling services who can help those affected. We are also a member of the ritual abuse work group (Arbeitskreis Rituelle Gewalt) in Witten.

The association Haus der Hoffnung is involved at several locations in Germany to show people in need of help on the fringes of society that they are seen and not forgotten. Together we share resources and ideas to enable contact points in the red light district for people in prostitution.

The Zoe Mentorship association is our local partner association in Uganda. The founder used to live in the slums herself and is now doing an excellent job of helping women to get out of poverty-stricken prostitution. In addition, the children of women with a school education are helped to break the cycle of poverty. We support the work with regular funding.

A21 is an international organization working against human trafficking worldwide. At various locations, they provide information, emergency aid and support for those affected. They initiated the Walk for Freedom silent march, which is carried out locally by organizations such as MISSION FREEDOM in many cities on all continents.