What we do


Our mission: We want to create a place where people affected by sexual exploitation can start a new life. A place that offers protection and space to process what has happened to them and encourages them to take steps towards a new life free from exploitation.

HOME – Shelters for victims of sexual exploitation

Our shelters are the heart and soul of our work, with two sites in Germany at present for victims of sexual exploitation. The HOMES provide protection and security, accommodation and meals. It also offers a strong community, stable everyday structure and assistance with authorities, doctors, therapists and lawyers. We work on trauma education and provide individual support on the road to a new life.

Escaping exploitation in the long term requires both external and internal withdrawal. External withdrawal can be achieved by staying in our HOME. Internal withdrawal – the process of dealing with what has happened and necessary for embarking on a new life of freedom – is supported by the trauma educational work and support of our shelter workers. Our sites have teams of experienced social workers who advise and support the residents in shifts.

Who is this intended for?

MISSION FREEDOM has two shelters for women who

  • have been sexually exploited for prostitution
  • who are looking to escape prostitution in safe accommodation
  • grew up in organised ritual abuse structures

and need protection from their perpetrators in a new location

This applies to all women regardless of their background, religion, willingness to testify to the police, residency status and social welfare entitlements.

Our HOME services

  • Accommodation in a small residential community with cosy single rooms and communal areas.
  • Daily support from on-site employees
  • Anonymous address
  • Sustenance (accommodation and meals) If required: initial provision of clothes and sanitary products, clarifying livelihood
  • Daily structure in the house with communal meals and leisure activities
  • Trauma-sensitive support and psychosocial care
  • Chaperone to external appointments
  • Provision and chaperone to doctors, therapists, authorities and counselling services
  • If required: Programmes for lifestyle, building everyday skills and providing professional skills
  • If required: Providing German lessons and further education
  • If required: Access to lawyers and process support
  • Help with returning to the home country if required and working with local aid organisations

For those affected by organised ritual abuse:
We offer a specialised protection concept at our sites for people affected by this.

Accommodation at our HOME

Our HOMES are designed for adult women who want to escape their exploitative situation and break off all contact with their perpetrators.

Our accommodation is designed to provide a safe space to develop new life prospects. It provides a temporary bridge and is not a long-term solution.

Placements in the MISSION FREEDOM HOME are available upon arrangement only and if the individual wishes to stay here. Financial means are not necessarily required as our facility is financed by donations.

Are you interested in staying at our HOME?

Please enquire about a placement at one of the MISSION FREEDOM offices.
Your requirements will be discussed as part of an initial phone consultation and whether a placement is available:


Telephone Hamburg office:
+49 (0) 40 – 36 19 71 15

Telephone Frankfurt office:
+49 (0) 174 – 901 1616

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