What we do

We bring light to the darkness

Our vision is to bring light to the darkness of sexual abuse and exploitation, sensitise the population, support escapees on their road to freedom and work together with you and them to create a society free from modern slavery.

Education and active support

MISSION FREEDOM e.V. was founded on 01.01.2011 to stop human trafficking and forced prostitution. We want to provide solutions and active support to create real future prospects for affected individuals.

We are a non-profit association financed by donations. Our work centres around our Christian beliefs and the desire for people to live a free, dignified life.

Our association has been based in Hamburg since 2011. In 2018, we founded a second site in Frankfurt. We would like to build additional sites with shelters for escapees in future.

The MISSION FREEDOM e.V. association is officially represented by an executive board.

Gaby Wentland
Head of Education and Networking

Claudia Keuter
2. Chair
Head of Marketing and PR

Martin Schuit
BA (Hons) Business Administration & Advisor

Our work

Our work is based on the four areas of education, street work, shelters and networking:


Education is the first component of our association, as it is important to sensitise the entire population to this topic and find other activists in the fight against forced prostitution. We regularly speak to various groups and offer training. Please feel free to contact us.

Street work

Our street work involves meeting with those affected on site. These may be conversations while working the streets, in brothels or contact cafés.
We support the creation of new street work teams and provide training for existing teams. We promote the creation of contact cafés and finance exit support in Uganda.
Individual association workers are actively engaged in the red-light district as part of street work teams.

Shelters – MISSION FREEDOM Homes

Our shelters are the heart and soul of our work, with two sites in Germany at present for victims of sexual exploitation. The HOMES provide a shelter at an anonymous address to help escape sexual exploitation. Those affected can find security from their perpetrators in small housing communities and develop new, personal life prospects.


The fight against the exploitation of women and children in sex slavery cannot be won alone. We are members of multiple coalitions and network with other organisations in Europe.
Together we are politically active, develop projects and EU-sponsored campaigns, and share knowledge and resources in work groups.
As an association we assist the work of other organisations in our networks through regular financial support.


Your help matters

Together, we can fight against forced prostitution in this country. Together, we can make a huge difference to people’s lives. There are many ways you can get involved.

Work with us directly

We are regularly seeking Federal Volunteers/Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) and interns to support our work. Voluntary work is also possible.

Your donation

Our work is solely supported by your donation. Your donation is used to help our organisation and others in our network.

Other options

We provide materials and presentations so that you can raise awareness of this topic in your own environment. Contact us!


Funded. Supported. Connected.