What we do

Street work

Street work is a key part of our work to build relationships with women in their current environment and offer basic help. 

An open ear, appreciation and respect!

The essence of our street work is to offer women in prostitution an open ear in the red-light district and treat them with appreciation and respect. It is a privilege for us when women invite us to talk to them and if we are able to gain their trust through reliability and consistency.

Relationships form the basis for help, new prospects and, if desired, an escape from prostitution. From the very beginning, we have been passionate about being actively involved on the streets, in apartments and in brothels.

Support and promoting street work teams and contact cafés

We support the creation of new street work teams and provide training for existing teams. As an association, we support the creation of drop-in centres in the red-light district as well as cafés for women working in prostitution. Individual association workers are actively engaged in the red-light district as part of street work teams.

We work with the association Haus der Hoffnung e.V. in Frankfurt and Hamburg to create drop-in centres for women in the red-light district. We support and finance the creation of these drop-in centres, partially through our own workers. Contact cafés provide women with a safe space for time-out, meetings and conversations. Drinks and clothing dispensers are provided along with an open ear for problems and active support if they wish to leave. 

Helping escapees in Uganda

Since 2021, we have been financing a project in Uganda’s capital of Kampala to give women in prostitution new prospects in life. We arrange apprenticeships with larger companies and offer sewing courses with the option of creating products to be sold in Europe. By selling shoes and bags, they are able to receive a new form of income to help them escape the world of prostitution. Their families also receive food donations. The children and women are financially supported so that they can attend school and access more career opportunities later on.

This project is carried out in collaboration with the local Zoe Mentorship Organization.