Ritual abuse

Training and mind control

Groups of offenders in organised ritual structures take advantage of their knowledge of dissociative identity disorder and exploit it. We provide a little insight into this topic here.

++ Warning, this text contains triggers ++

Overview of contents

Confidentiality and control as the main training objective

Two aspects are very important for groups that ritually abuse children and sell them as part of organised child prostitution and pornography: keeping the crime secret and controlling the children. For these purposes, the children not only experience violence as part of the rituals or prostitution to paedophiles, but also mental, physical and emotional violence that they are required to learn for these purposes. Targeted traumatisation of children means that the group has complete control over them.

Aspects of child training

  • Discipline of secrecy: Absolute obedience of every command
  • Deprivation training: Training away own bodily requirements such as sleep, hunger, toilet needs, urge to move
  • Overcoming disgust and gagging
  • The body is taught about sex in all its various ways from a young age
  • Trust nobody, nothing feels safe
  • Bound only to the perpetrator/keeper/group leader, no healthy ties to other people outside of the group

Satanist ritual abuse does not take place at the whim of the perpetrator. Far more, it involves a highly psychological system designed to make the victims compliant and obedient; to drill them, to “use” them in masses and finally to let them become part of a satanic system so that they don’t do the following: speak out or escape. It is essential that they understand this. It’s does not involve occasional beatings or occasional abuse. It involves targeted, systematic training using the most severe forms of torture.


The groups sense/know? that in adulthood some personalities will want to seek help and perhaps attend therapy. They therefore brainwash other identities beforehand to block out this help. Using extreme violence and methods of torture, they create new identities and give them tasks. As part of an orchestrated setting, this new trait learns about the bad things that could happen if they don’t do everything they can, e.g. to block the therapy. The trait learns ways of blocking therapy and thinks they are doing the body a favour by sabotaging the therapy by fending off potentially bad consequences. In reality, the therapy then means that the sessions are cancelled or only discusses topics with the therapist that lead in other directions. This is called a therapy disruption programme.

-> Brainwashing is a learned pattern of behaviour that is automatically carried out by a trained individual when a certain situation arises. The cults brainwash and condition a number of identities into children to incorporate many ideologies into them.

Typical brainwashing

  • Internal reporters must regularly report to the group and inform them where people are living and what is happening on a daily basis.
  • Identities responsible for keeping track of certain dates and information and come to the group to participate in rituals or perform other duties.
  • Watchdogs that monitor which information is being told to other people. People on the outside are not allowed information about the system or group.
  • Chastisers responsible for punishing the body for wrongdoing. In extreme cases, they are responsible for the victim committing suicide.
  • Identities that ensure that no close connections are formed with people outside of the cult.


In reality, there are a wide range of programmes. Astonishingly, victims who have escaped from very different geographical locations often have similar special programmes to ensure that the cults network among themselves and spread knowledge about brainwashing children. (Note: some brainwashing is even begun prenatally and during infancy)

Specific forms of schizophrenia and manipulation are typical of organised and ritual abuse. The developing personality is broken down into various dissociative internal traits as a result of extreme violence during childhood and adolescence. The identities created are specifically honed and used by perpetrators for their own benefit.

Mind control

The term mind control is an umbrella term for all forms of child manipulation, conditioning and brainwashing. Perpetrators aim to have complete control over the thoughts, feelings and actions of their victims. Sometimes, split identities are used to underpin their role and task within the group (e.g. identity as a sex slave, vampire, high priest, animal, soldier or robot). These identities are presented a world view that serves the group’s needs. Since these identities arise as a result of violence by the perpetrator, they know nothing but the perpetrators and their environment. By separating the dissociative identities, they never experience the “normal, everyday world” and have no ability to form their own opinion or world view.

Each trait that is consciously broken down by the perpetrators can be accessed in the physical consciousness through a particular signal (e.g. a sound, light signal, gesture, word). The perpetrators can determine which trait is present during which situations.

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