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Internship at Mission Freedom

We offer internships for social work students (or similar study courses).

Internships at the MISSION FREEDOM HOME

We offer internships at our HOMES. These are designed for social work students with a compulsory four to six-month placement as part of their study course. The internship involves working with the team that supports female escapees in their safe accommodation.

What you will learn during the internship:

  • Background information on human trafficking, forced prostitution, ritual abuse and complex traumas
  • Everyday life in shared accommodation
  • Trauma education skills: Crisis intervention, emergency kit, skills, trigger sensitivity
  • Trauma-sensitive work with individuals and groups
  • Basics of social counselling for traumatised escapees
  • Cultivating relationships in a professional environment
  • Public relations work
  • Implementing own projects
  • Where necessary, assisting with other projects such as contact cafés.


  • The internship takes place as part of a study course
  • The minimum internship duration is four months
  • You have experience in guiding other people
  • You are an active member of a Christian community

Your application:

The closing date for internship applications for the summer semester is at the end of September, the closing date for applications for the winter semester is at the end of March.

Please note: The internship is an unpaid placement. However, we do provide accommodation and meals. The internship takes place under the guidance of a social worker and involves regular one-to-one discussions and reflections. 

If you are interested in an internship, please send your